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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Some updates for you on Currency Masquerading as Money

April 17, 2014

The article your about to read is staggering in the sense it puts the fiat currency on display and it's history. it has always been a bandage on a very server cut, the stopping the bleeding from flowing out.

This article was written by Donald W. Miller Jr., MD he will illustrate what the title says about Currency Masquerading as Money. How long now have we all been mislead all of these's years, it certainly starting to look that way from a financial stand point.

In his opening paragraph, he shares this.

People consider Federal Reserve notes, US dollars, to be real money.This includes their digital equivalent in bank and credit card statement and Treasury-issued base metal coins. As a unit of account, all goods and services, and land and labor are priced in U.S. dollars. Declared legal tender, Federal Reserve notes are the country's medium of exchange.

Read the Complete Article.

This next article will explain why inflation is like carbon monoxide, the silent killer. We all see it, but very few adjust their thinking with investing, yet we knew this. The key element is we just never really believe that it will happen to us. We are humans.

With wages and salaries flat or declining and essentials costing more, people cannot keep up with the cost of living. Taxes are also flat or increasing. The prices of commodities are going up. People are either saving less or using their savings simply to live. If something isn't done, inflation will be the silent killer of the US economy in the next ten years.

Claude Ohanesian brilliantly explains this silent killer, it has the impact to do exactly what his going to share with you. Educating our minds with financial information will have an ability to increase our ROI as well as protection, with our retirement plans.

Read the full Article.

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

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Joseph Botelho


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What is Hyperinflation, do You have Solutions

April 16, 2014

We all need to understand the true meaning of hyperinflation, going to perhaps education some of our new readers on this current situation. This is not really a very popular topic, but one we are all going to encounter sadly enough.

How we protect ourselves from the fiat currency, will take time, direction along with an education. This is just simply going to happen, to many financial factors pointing us into a hyperinflation state. Hyperinflation normally according to history has only concentrated on one country, as it did with Germany and Zimbabwe.

The biggest difference with this Hyperinflation it could and more than likely will have a global effect. This will create an increase on your daily needs, which we use each and every day. We could see prices rising by 200 percent or more for the specific items you bought just recently.

I am talking about items we use daily, food, gas, and any product that has to be shipped. We will have a sharp increase that we will not appreciate, the prices we are paying for these's items today are at a bargain compare to what we will be paying for in the very near future.

So really how do you protect yourself from global hyperinflation, invest in an asset that is rescission proof. What this asset is all about, it has been around since the earth was created. Why gold? Governments cannot reproduce this asset, like the fiat currency. The fiat currency has the potential to collapse in 2014. 

There are endless videos, articles on this topic, going to share you with one, that makes the most logical financial sense. His not selling you anything at all, just providing a solution to global hyperinflation. How you use his advice will determine your ROI on your investment, investing will always be a gamble. 

I watch this video; over and over then l take a different script from it, and Google it, getting more financial facts on it, trying to understand something l never understood. The information shared could actually change your financial situation. Not saying it will, but for some, it will, just research being used wisely.

The biggest Investment is in life, and it's complicated, we deal with so much, understanding and balancing a financial plan for our daily life is a challenge, for many of us. The fact is you could lose just as much whether you're "Rich or Poor." Think of what l just shared.

If you really want to know a solution, that has logical financial backing. That could also protect your holdings within your retirement plan. You know the one you're going to live from for the rest of your golden years. The question is it protected by a fiat currency or an asset?

If this makes sense, Then review this solution..

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

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Joseph Botelho

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

James Rickard shares his views on The Death of Money You will be informed

April 8, 2014

The fiat currency has been destroyed now for years, reality is now settled in with more gloom to come in the upcoming years. James Rickards in his interview with Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog, shares the history that slowly lead to this catastrophe.

One of the most logical reasons is the US Federal Reserve has for years mismanaged the financial crisis and recovery, in Rickards view. Had things been allow to correct themselves after an asset bubble, stimulus spending and QE has been pumped into the markets to prop everything up.

In his book he shares briefly but a very valuable section of what money is, namely an expression of what value and all fiat currency's in circulation today is merely a debt contract. Rickard indicates that gold is the purest form of money, and shares his logical reasons of why we need to return to  a modified gold standard following the SDR's scheme. 

James Rickards interview with Greg Hunter of

On a separate interview Koos Jansen from "In Gold We Trust," had the privilege of conducting a one on one with Jim Rickard well he was in the Netherlands for one day, doing an interview on his new book "The Death of Money.'

Koos Jansen starts off his interview with this question. Do you think there will be a collapse in the worldwide monetary system, including chaos, social unrest and bank failures because all policy makers we do too little too late?

This is a question we all need to research, our golden years could be modified, to a lessor return on the investment. There is only one asset that kept up to inflation and all the factors. No one really understands the fiat currency, except now it is being broadcast-ed.

The information l am going to share with you is all on this blog, l will take you to the questions, you may of asked? Not asking you to buy anything at all, now that has to be refreshing. Just going to educate you with all of this, only if you have an interest.

If you learn this concept then you're going to be one of the very few; just how it is. You found the window of opportunity. 

The information on this blog is you're first step. All l can say, not actually asking you to call me, but if that happens and l missed you're call, more then likely I would call you back..

The Complete Interview with James Rickard, with Koos Jansen

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

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Joseph Botelho

Friday, April 4, 2014

Educating your mind financially is a life time sentence, here is a solution

April 4, 2004

It certainly does not seem like April is already here, depending where you live, April with snow on the ground is not the April's l been used too. How gold has also been performing, very unpredictable, to the average investor. The wise one's understand gold has had help on why it has been behaving in this manner.

The wise investors understands the calculations, present and future possibilities, how it will perform the dream (ROI) for the investors. The fiat currency is definitely out of control, what saves this currency is the ability of central banks world wild manipulating this asset.

For all their "right" reasons, not ours, theirs. See they get to keep their job, but creating hyperinflation to the ones that voted him or her in. What is hyperinflation? Start taking notice of what you do each and every day, one thing is very consistent your paying more then you ever did for what you just paid for.

Complication created by the governments of this global nightmare, who would of predicted that China now has the most powerful asset to back up the Chinese Currency the Renminbi . China has accumulated a massive amount of gold, with an undervalued asset! You think they knew what they where do?

Educating your mind financially is a life time sentence, why many lose what they once had! I was one of them, had to start over, we all have a sad financial story. I trust Nick Barisheff's ability to optimize the truth with financial logic, based on world financial trends. His also the author of $10,000 Gold, where China got their tip, if you think about it.

With some very well written guest writes, the most influential stories making or breaking deals, present or in the future. Information that can enhances or break our (ROI.) One of the articles l wanted to share since we are on this subject. Understanding the power and rewards this asset will provide you against future inflationary years.

With respect to precious metals, US and London central banks have colluded to suppress primarily gold, but also silver. All Western currency is worthless fiat, but as long as the masses continue to believe the emperor is wearing clothes, the elites will get away with their massive Ponzi scheme.

Read the Full story... By Michael Noonan, Gold and Silver: They are Money

So what is the solution, is understanding the moves you will need to protect, earn and live a life with out ever worrying about hyperinflation having an effect on what you worked so hard all them years. Most people spend more time planing a vacation then how they plan their golden years.

You will need to watch this video, then fill in some information, so we can provide you with the correct logical moves to protect your assets from the fiat currency. Going to educate you on how to save instead of spending. The rest is up to you, this is truly possible. Starts with the correct mind set....

Let's be honest will all get pitched daily, but most of them are just a waste of time, have zero desire to full or lead you into that quick sand. This is reality, this blog is filled with logical financial articles, that provide you a why, on why you made that investment.

Learn the longest Kept Secret in the World
Because the future is happening Now!

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

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Joseph Botelho

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Do you believe there is manipulation going on with gold and crude oil

March 26, 2014

Reality is that something smells rotten with this "global economy," is there manipulation going on with the asset gold? Do you believe that the Feds have been controlling the price of gold, as well as crude oil?

How can a barrel of crude oil drop, but the gas at your local gas station never drops in price as of lately. Prices have been fixed for the pass three weeks, as the barrel drops under the $100.00 US mark. The moment the barrel moves upwards, the gas stations do not hesitate to increase the price at the pumps.

Been following the non logical results from gold and crude oil, seems like its a one way street, certainly not for the average working stiff. Sorry l fall into that category, do you? Exactly my point, we are definitely not enjoying the start of hyperinflation created by the greed factor.

Going to Provide you with some facts.

Fact One: Who do we trust, with our money, certainly not our banking system. Banks have the ability to use a system most of us never figure out, called an algorithm system in which they increase your service charges by a little, each month. If you never complain they increase it again, just check your service banking fee's. Read More

Fact Two:There are many unexplained trends, on why gold has had such a rough ride. Some experts in this field have indicated that there is more going on then we actually will ever understand. Governments have always wanted a fiat currency, for the simple reason they can print more money. With Gold it is impossible to reproduce, could this be a key factor? Read More

Fact Three: Some of us will understand, the logical reasons that Nick Barisheff shares on his articles and speeches, that he has shared, with his audiences across the globe. Investments are sometimes manipulated, by certain parties, no need for figure pointing. Gold Manipulation creates greed, for the very greedy players, who could care less of who they have bankrupted, with investors retirements, and pension plans. Read More

What happens when Hyperinflation kicks in, FULL time?

Hyperinflation is happening actually, each time you buy something, hyperinflation is built into that price, so we are suffer at all levels. All one needs to do is recall what they paid for, when they bought their favorite item, as in food, drink along with bad habits, smoking, drinking, they have sharply rose in price. Due to transportation, crude oil kicks in, as a dominate factor now.

The two most powerful assets, work against each other, why is that? World wide Governments dominate the ability to control a fiat system that is worthless. As long as they can re-print money that has zero backing by any physical asset. Wicked and damaging concerns, if your a human.

"OPEC" is in bed with the "Governments of the world," it is an item we all need and they have the resource to supply and control the demand. What a concept? Do you think there might be the odd, "pay off," to someone who has the ability to approve the scam?  Read More.

The End of America! There Will Be No Economic Recovery, Because!

How can you overcome issues, which have a need, and a demand for survival? America needs to increase borrowing to avoid defaulting on their debt, beyond September 30, 2013. This with a fiat currency; just is not really going to look, overly impressive.

Could Congress be heading towards a government shutdown?  With the Republican leaders in American House of Representatives refusal on President Barack Obama’s demand with additional printed money to run the government beyond the demand date of September 30, 2013, so it may perhaps avoid default. Read More

How Important are Your Financial Investments and Obligations.

You can read all the advice on this subject, bottom line; you need to understand, "your why's"!  We have all heard this, but this is what you need to fully comprehend, our abilities. All we truly need is that reminder, that we are falling off track. Read More


The information l have shared with you may provide benefits, l say this for many reasons, first of all not all will read this, then l am sharing information with humans. Hardest sell in the universe.

The reason l am sharing this is for logical reasons look around at what is happening. We are getting screwed royally, l think that is an old saying.

Question is what will you do to protect you're retirement, also you're current financial situation?

Life is filled with up's and downs, l call it "Snake's and Latter's," with out logical results.

Once you have clicked on some of them links, your going to be educated, with this direction of advice that will perhaps provide you with a rewarding (ROI) would you not consider that an accomplishment. Due to unforeseen global financial uncertainty.

You where smart enough to avoid them land mines, they can be very devastating providing you with an unforeseen sudden end to your life. Same results, when you lose it all, you may as well be dead, for most.

Invest some time on you're future, read what l share, follow this blog and provide me with your feed back. How we learn, from each other. Not selling you anything by the way. Just a way for you to protect you're assets.

So l decided to invest in this one specific company, you can review the benefits that can also be stored for you if you follow the steps, that it will share with you. This slide presentation has the ability to secure and change you're current financial situation, l will leave you with that concept!

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

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Joseph Botelho

Thursday, March 20, 2014

How Government Propaganda Prevents Wealth Protection

March 20, 2014

Written By Nick Barisheff

Government economic propaganda is a dangerous as anything contrived by Joseph Goebbels during his tenure as Minister of Propaganda for Nazi Germany. It prevents people from facing reality and realizing the inherent danger in the economy. It prevents them from protecting family's wealth through bullion ownership.

Since the passing of the Federal reserve Act in 1913, the US dollar lost 96% of its purchasing power against gold. On a true gold standard prior to 1913, the US dollar preserved purchasing power even though the country suffered through a civil was. A dollar in 1900 bought almost the exact amount of goods it would have bought in 1800.

As for the strengthening economy that both Fed Chair Yellen and every mainstream financial observer speaks about daily, statistics simply don't match this claim.

Manipulated statistics mislead the public. Alternative statistics, such as those provided by economists like Dr. John Williams of are far more accurate than skewed CPI unemployment reports issued by the government. Why? Because everyone who eats, heats, drives or sends children to college knows that life is becoming more expensive by the day and far more difficult. Fed statistics defy common sense.

Investors need to move beyond "positive thinking," Ringer stated "Reality isn't the way you wish things to be, or the way they appear to be, but the way they actually are." His advice was to expect the best but prepare for the worst. This takes a lot of effort, and few people can adopt such an approach without practice.

The simple act of owning gold makes the work of awakening much easier, because it tends to expand our economic vision involuntarily. It provides a standard of lasting value that no longer exists with paper currencies. It allows us to see the insidious forces of inflation and currency debasement directly, rather than as an abstract economic concept.

Click Here to read the Full Story by Nick Barisheff

Nick Barisheff  President and
CEO of Bullion Management Group Inc 

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

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Joseph Botelho

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Current Updates from my Favourite Experts, with this Asset!

March 13, 2014

Life at times has it's moments, for some unknown reasons things that should be simply explained, is not happening. Example, the recent flight of Malaysian air line that has been reported missing now for a few days... No concept, just propaganda of what might of happened, how can this be? Who do you really trust, anymore, do you ever ask you're self that?

Investing will always be a gamble, regardless of the stakes. You either where lead to this investment or you did it on you're own. Now that you have accomplished this goal, what are you're numbers providing you with as in an (ROI) return on investment. Only true language that is shared international, they all seem to understand what this all means.

So many people write about this stuff, it's like a dime a dozen, on the internet. But some understand this asset, why l decided to yes invest money, but more importantly dedicate my time, hard thing to buy back, if you ask me! Risk factors has always played a larger emotion with you're direction. That is OK, you're not alone.. But you "Need to Stop Doing What You Hate."

A lot of "hot money" has returned to this sector following double-bottom that concluded two months ago and, with commodity prices again last week and the trade-weighted dollar falling further, it could continue.

Read the Full Story By: Written by Tim Iacono

"When China first shipped her gold to the US, it was meant for reform, opening and removing US economic sanctions." This underlines the dirty game the US is playing. It demands countries store a part of their official gold reserves at the New York Fed, so ultimately only the US controls the global currency markets. At least 600 tons of Chines official reserves are stored with the Fed.

Read The Full Story By: Written by Koos Jansen

"Food inflation is far greater than the government thinks it is," said ConvergeEx market strategist Nick Colas. "The discount is severe, because it's the economists that make policy but it's the people who have to live the outcome of that policy and that disconnect is growing to the point where l think it has to break soon."

Read the Full Story By: Written by Michelle Miller

The man that introduce me to these's stories got me motivated with these topics we share here that is influenced by a fiat currency, that is shrinking at an alarming, panicking global markets, for a simple reason we can always modified something, like a fiat currency. When you invest in this asset them odds become predictable, regardless of what is going on. This yellow metal can not be re produced, that's a fact...

Read the full Story, on why Nick Barisheff shares this information

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

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Joseph Botelho

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